How many calories and how much sugar do Mozart products contain?





Mozart Chocolate Cream 

224kcal / 936KJ per 100g 


Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream 

216kcal / 904KJ per 100g 


Mozart Dark Chocolate 

178kcal / 764KJ per 100g 


Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry

More information coming up soon 


Mozart Chocolate Vodka 

236kcal / 979KJ per 100g 

no sugar 

Do your products contain gluten?

Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs are made to our special recipes using gluten-free ingredients, which means that our liqueurs contain no gluten.

Are Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs suitable for people suffering from diabetes?

No. Like the majority of gourmet chocolates, we are unable to avoid sweet temptation completely, which is why the sugar content in the liqueurs makes Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs unsuitable for diabetics. However, our Mozart Chocolate Vodka is sugar-free, due to the fact that it is a pure distillate and no longer contains any sugar.

Do Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs contain animal products?

With the exception of the cream, Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs are made using only vegetable raw materials. This means that the cream liqueurs, Mozart Chocolate Cream, Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream and Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry, are not suitable for vegans. However, the Mozart Dark Chocolate and Mozart Chocolate Vodka are suitable for vegans, as these contain neither cream nor any other animal products.

Do your products contain soya, or soya lecithin?

No, our Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs do not contain any soya bean extracts.

Do your products contain hazelnuts?

No, neither hazelnuts nor any other types of nut are used in our production processes.

Do you manufacture your products with milk or milk powder?

Our first-class Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueurs only use milk in liquid form.

Are your products kosher?

No, our products are not manufactured according to kosher principles.

Do you use artificial colourings?

The colour of our products derives from the natural raw ingredients, with cocoa lending the most colour to our products, with the exception of Mozart Strawberry and Mozart Pumpkin Spice in which case colour is added.

Are our products suitable for making ice cream?

No, it is not possible to make ice cream using our products due to the alcohol content. On the other hand, our products taste delicious poured over ice cream.

What is the shelf life of Mozart products?

Mozart spirits do not have an expiration date nor a “best before/by” declaration.


perfect quality

Ideal storage temperature

Once opened

Mozart Chocolate Cream 

3 years

+ 5°C and + 20°C 

6 months (please store in a cool place)

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream 

3 years

+ 5°C and + 20°C 

6 months (please store in a cool place)

Mozart Dark Chocolate 

3 years

+ 5°C and + 20°C 

6 months (please store in a cool place)

Mozart Chocolate Vodka 

10 years

+ 5°C and + 20°C 

10 years

Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry 

3 years

+ 5°C and + 20°C 

6 months (please store in a cool place)

Can Mozart bottles be recycled in the bottle bank despite their foil packaging?

Yes, empty bottles can be disposed of in the bottle bank.

Do your bottle caps contain plasticisers?

No, the plastic bottle caps do not contain plasticisers.

Could you please send me some promotional material?

Our promotional material is only provided to our distributors. We regret that we cannot send it to private individuals.

Could you please send me some samples?

Due to the different laws regarding alcohol and VAT that are in place in different countries, we refrain from sending out product samples. However, we would be happy to pass your details on to our local partner, who can then contact you directly.

Can I order products directly from Mozart?

Our products are only available in the retail and specialist food stores.

Is it possible to visit your company and manufacturing facilities?

At the moment, we do not offer visits around our company premises.


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