Mozart White Chocolate Cream StrawberryThe fresh and fruity Chocolate Strawberry liqueur

The unique combination of high-quality chocolate and delightful fruit-taste. With the refreshing taste of natural strawberry and white chocolate. Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry provides the perfect pleasure for a nice early summer evening.

A harmonious rendezvous of white chocolate liqueur and fresh fruit-taste - an absolute fruit pleasure and easy to drink culinary delight. Pure or mixed in a Frappé, best served chilled!

Raw materials & manufactureWhite chocolate, Strawberries, Bourbon vanilla

The fresh and fruity taste of Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry is the unique combination of finest sugar with natural aroma of fresh strawberries and bourbon vanilla, which is blended with a high quality distillate.

These exquisite ingredients are blended with fresh cream and cocoa butter under regular stiring to create the particular creaminess of this masterpiece.

The result is a composition of high quality chocolate and unique fruit taste. The perfect indulgence for a mild early summer evening. 

RecipeSalzburg in a glass


  • 40 – 60 ml Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Preparation: Portion of two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a Cocktail glass and pour 4-6 cl Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry over it
  • Glass: Cocktail glass
  • Decoration: fresh strawberries


  • Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry with one or two ice cubes

Mozart Strawberry Tiramisu


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